White Label Forex Trading Platform Backend

Match-Trader Back Office Apps

Match-Trader offers wide range of back office applications allowing every broker to make modifications whenever they feel the need and manage the entire system on their own.

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Admin Application With Routing Engine

Administrative authority to configure whole trading environment available in one app.

Key features of Admin application:

Don’t redirect customers to Google Play or Apple Store, ever again! The application can be downloaded straight from the broker’s website. By simplifying the process we minimise the risk of losing customers.

Integrate external Liquidity Providers with Match-Trader System through our Routing Engine

Manager with API

The Manager API allows brokers to integrate closely with Match-Trader system and connect external applications.

Match Traders Dashboard Image
Match Traders Dashboard

Match-Trader WL Manager

Gain flexible control over the existing white label setup. Change spreads, mark-ups, and commissions whenever you want without having to contact Match-Trade administrative support.

Key features of Admin application:

Supporting App

We offer a variety of plugins, extensions built in-house to meet all of our client’s needs.

We encourage technology providers and software developers to cooperate in creating a complete trading ecosystem for brokers and clients.