White Label Forex Trading Platform Frontend

Match-Trader Frontend

Match-Trader is a 3in1 trading platform consisting of desktop, mobile and web applications. All 3 interfaces have been designed to provide users with a consistent experience regardless of the device they are currently using.

Superb Usability

All the users’ settings are synchronized across web, mobile and desktop in real-time. Traders can easily switch between devices without noticing any difference.

match trader pc dashboard
Match trader easy access mobile

Easy Access

Don’t redirect customers to Google Play or Apple Store, ever again! The application can be downloaded straight from the broker’s website. By simplifying the process we minimise the risk of losing customers.

Transparent and Simple

Our easy to use interface was designed to attract all types of traders, regardless of their experience. It supports trading decisions by providing a full view of funds required to open a trade, expected result of take-profit and stop-loss orders.

match trader pc dashboard
client office integration - Mobile Image

Integration with Client Office

Match-Trader is fully integrated with Match-Trade’s Client Office. There is one login and password and we’ve added a Single Sign-On feature to improve user retention.

Consistent Markup on Charts

All charts show the prices exactly as they appear in the Market Watch, also when marked up. No need to explain to your clients why the prices in Market Watch and charts differ.

match trader pc dashboard