Metaquotes has recently changed its compliance policy which concerns onboarding of new MT4 / MT5 Whitelabels.

Previously it was possible to order a White Label using companies registered in different countries such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore etc without having any license or business categorization requirement.

Now metaquotes requires the company applying for whitelabel which confirms the company is allowed to conduct the financial services / brokerage activity.

In a nutshell , the whitelabel can only use a company which is legally allowed to conduct brokerage activity either with license or without.

One such jurisdiction which allows to conduct brokerage activity without having a license is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , which is most popular and widely used by brokers.

Apart from the above company requirements, Metaquotes now verifies also validity of all the contact data provided by the broker such as telephone number, email address, website or domain ownership. All these changes in compliance policy probably was caused by many scam companies which were using reputable jurisdictions to lure and mislead their clients.

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