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A Team that is transparent with information, professional & dedicated to deliver value.

We Are Starting Brokerage

Starting Brokerage is a premium IT & Technology Solutions Consultants, dedicated to providing a wide array of innovative solutions with a team of specialized experts in Financial Technology Industry.

Starting Brokerage’s team of experts gain with over a decade of experience serving multiple financial brokerages across the world! In particular, we are one of the industry’s leading solution consultants, which helps the people to start with new financial brokerages.

Starting Brokerage offers the best solutions for both the new brokerages as well as the current brokerages. We ensure our clients to offer leading consulting services by providing a broad range of forex consulting and financial advisory capabilities.

End To End Forex Technology Provider
“ With over 14 years experience in the financial brokerage industry, you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.”


Founded by Raj Reddy in 2014, Starting Brokerage has come a long way in a short space of time.

Our focus & vision on customer service has helped us to build a solid reputation in the industry and we’ve been featured in media & magazines.

We deliver an intergrated tailor made package of financial brokerage solutions which is perfect if you’re getting started or looking to refresh your products. No matter how large or small your brokerage is , we’ve got right & effective solutions that work for you.

Our happy clients speak for themselves , so it’s a little suprise that most of our business comes via word of mouth. Take a look at our services to see what we offer.


I have a history of being a part of some of the biggest brokerages in the world over 3 continents and have been a featured speaker throughout the financial world.

What we have done is we kept our expertise into a step by step process to make it much simple for you to get started.

Raj Reddy

Founder , Starting Brokerage


To empower entrepreneurs who has an ambition & passion to thrive in financial space with their own financial trading company.


To facilitate the most needful technology in the financial trading industry with the latest innovations & additions with a step ahead of others.

Our High Values.

We stand by our values because they’re what brought us here.

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We believe the only way to improve confidence is to be transparent.


Passion drives us to be innovative & move customer towards success.

Always Learn

Without continous learning in the ever charging world one cannot thrive.


We are committed to what we do & we abid by it to deliver the expectations.


Where we make a difference.

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Media Appearances

Social Impact & Responsiblity

When you’re doing business with us, part of our revenue is for global causes.

Causes We Support :    Education    l    Nature Protection    l    Hunger Drive

Our Location


Kuala Lumpur

Level 28, GTower, Jalan Tun Razak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


#150/1, Infantry Road, Bangalore – 560001 , Karnataka , India

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